Wednesday, May 30, 2007

360 Smith Street: Stop Scarano Project!

Alternative title, Gowanus Lounge: Now Multimedia!

Walking down Smith Street this morning, someone has put together a great protest display against the Scarano project for 360 Smith Street, proposed to straddle the Carroll Street subway entrance. Included in the display were printouts of a Gowanus Lounge blog post on the proposed project.

Important takeaways:

Community Board 6 meeting this Thursday, 5/31
This project is not listed on the calendar, but it never hurts to show up and make a statement.

Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association Meeting 6/11
Scotto's Funeral Home, 7:30pm


nosy neighbor said...

I have heard there was a fatal accident involving the F-Train and a rider at the Church Street station.

It occurred roughly Friday May 25. Does anyone know the story?

gary said...

I looked around, couldn't find anything on google or assorted other sites.

Last fatal accident I saw a report on was an MTA worker crushed by a train at Hoyt-Schemmy a month ago.

This site might interest you (though it doesn't go back that far):
Gothamist's breaking news map