Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Latest On LICH

From Dan Goldberg at Capital New York:
SUNY has finalized a deal to sell Long Island College Hospital to a Brooklyn developer, ending a two-year battle to shed the money-losing hospital.
Fortis Property Group will purchase the campus for $240 million, and N.Y.U. Langone Medical Center will run the remaining health care on the site, along with Lutheran Medical Center. 
N.Y.U. has committed to building a $175 million, four-story medical facility that will eventually have a staff of 400, including about 70 physicians. The amount of square-footage devoted to medical care is double what was originally proposed in the Fortis bid, "in recognition of the need for greater services in the community," SUNY chair Carl McCall said in a statement. McCall said SUNY negotiated for increased health care on the site, in response to the needs of the surrounding communities.
The deal must still be approved by the state attorney general and state comptroller. Once that approval is complete, N.Y.U. can take over operations of the emergency department, which is all that remains of the Cobble Hill hospital. 
N.Y.U. can then ask the city fire department to resume ambulance service to LICH. N.Y.U. officials expect to see between 35 and 50 patients per day once the ambulances resume.
Of course, this story has had more twists and turns, head fakes and surprises than just about any local issue I can remember.  So this is where we stand, for now.

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