Tuesday, September 23, 2014

History Has A Well Known Liberal Bias

So the conservatives and tea-baggers would prefer that we serve up lies and omissions to students instead.  It's pathological.
Slavery?  What are you talking about?  Never happened.  Union busting?  McCarthyism?  COINTELPRO?  Segregation?  Japanese internment?  Criminalization of homosexuality?  Discrimination against women?  The Trail of Tears?  Iran-Contra?  Watergate?  Torture?  Domestic spying?  The School of the Americas?  Why you're talking gibberish, man.  Rubbish!

You know what?  You don't grow and improve as a country, or as a person by sweeping your faults under a rug and pretending they never existed.  We could stand to have a little more introspection and to have an honest and open conversation about both our history and our present.

Via Billmon's Twitter feed:

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