Thursday, August 14, 2014

Comey and Goldsmith and Mueller, Oh My

The Hospital Confrontation Heroes of Rule of Law Gutted Separation of Powers
I've long suspected something like this but never had the facts to back it up.  They are still more honorable than Cheney, Addington and Gonzalez (who isn't?) … but sadly not by much.
"The same heroes of the hospital confrontation, lionized for the last decade for their courageous defense of the rule of law, thereby gutted the separation of powers, in secret. All to serve still more secrecy … and the power of the presidency they purportedly reined in two months earlier. They may have won Bush — and themselves, who otherwise would have signed off on an illegal program — legal cover by doing so. But in the process they corroded the balance of powers enshrined by the Constitution, turning the FISC into a place where expansive executive branch programs get rubber-stamped in secret."

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