Thursday, June 19, 2014

Keeping Car Washes Accountable

Brad Lander Dusts Up Car Wash Industry Panel

Not a topic we think about most days, but these provisions make sense. And the industry response is a sadly typical circle-the-wagons approach. 

"Councilman Brad Lander blasted the leaders of the Association Car Wash Owners in a hearing today over the group's opposition to a package of new regulations designed to combat environmental and labor abuses in the automobile cleaning industry. "If the industry's good actors had come together to weed out the bad actors, we wouldn't have needed legislation," the Brooklyn councilman said. "That you formed a trade association in response to legislation and not pro-actively makes it hard to believe you're here in good faith." Mr. Lander, a high-ranking member of the left-leaning body, attacked the group–made up of 85 car wash owners–for objecting to the proposed laws, which would require car washes to be licensed by the city, that they implement new systems for chemical disposal and take on a $300,000 bond to cover damage to cars. The bill sponsors–who include Mr. Lander and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito– and their union backers argued that the laws will give the city the power to be sure that the businesses are following labor laws and to prevent owners from paying for injuries to vehicles out of workers' wages and tips."

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