Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hey Peter Beinart - You're One of Them!

My Mea Culpa: I was wrong about Peter Beinart being right about being wrong. He's just wrong.

One of those smug faces that shouldn't be allowed back onto our TV screens to pontificate on Iraq, that is.  "Not as awful as Bill Kristol" is not good enough. 

"For crying out loud. The assumption that the US could have done anything to prevent this short of keeping a large military presence in the country at huge expense to America in blood and treasure is nonsense. That they could have done it by "sending messages" and "pushing harder" is delusional.The sad reality is that we broke Humpty Dumpty and all the presidents horses and all the president's men can't put Humpty Dumpty together again. So, here's my mea culpa: I was wrong to give Peter Beinart the benefit of the doubt. Just because you acknowledge that you were wrong about Iraq it doesn't prove that you've given up the line of thinking that assumes America has a special ability to change the world by sheer will and good intentions. That's a children's fairy tale. "


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