Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Congress's Most Disingenuous Member Eric Cantor Loses Primary

Eric Cantor's Shocking, Richly Deserved Primary Defeat

Frequent Worst Person In The World honoree Eric Cantor will be forcibly retired from Congress this year. The man who beat him is possibly even worse. Will this make for a more competitive general election race?  Let's hope so. 

"Cantor went out the way he carried himself throughout his career: making comically disingenuous attacks. His television commercials assailed Brat as a tax-loving Democrat — he served on a non-partisan state revenue-estimating commission — and actually ran ads calling him a "liberal college professor": It is conceivable that, by preposterously describing a Rand-loving right-wing crank as a liberal, Cantor actually managed to underestimate the intellectual discernment of his voters. In any case, he had ceded all the premises of the argument to his opponent even in the course of smearing him. Cantor was, finally, Cantor'd. He will not be missed."

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