Thursday, March 6, 2014

Surprise! Two Straight Months Of Specious Attacks From Billionaire-Owned Vanity Press Hurt Poll Numbers

Poll: New Yorkers Mixed on de Blasio
Amazingly enough, the previous billionaire mayor with the same media barons in the tank for him fared better.  And now, a fresh round of specious stories based on the poll results.  Journalism's finest hour!
While many believe the mayor cares about average person, is fulfilling his campaign promises, and can bring the city together, two months into his tenure, just 10 percent of those polled described his performance as excellent, while 29 percent described it as good. Another 37 percent gave it a fair rating and 20 percent said he is doing poorly. That's worse than former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ratings this time 12 years ago, when 50 percent of those polled approved of the mayor's performance, according to the Journal. Only 6 percent said Mr. Bloomberg was doing a poor job then.

NYC media barons might just manage to do what nature has not: give me grey hair.

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