Monday, March 24, 2014

RIP Giuseppe Caputo, Patriarch of Caputo's Fine Foods

Sad News: Guiseppe Caputo, Founder Of Caputo's On Court Street, Passed Away
A neighborhood institution, Giuseppe Caputo will be sorely missed.  I agree with Katia, he was heartbroken after his wife passed.  My condolences to the family. I am very sorry to have missed the opportunity to pay my respects.
Photo from Pardon Me For Asking
How sad.  Guiseppe Caputo, the founder of Caputo's Fine Foods, everyone's favorite Italian gourmet store at 460 Court Street, passed away on March 21st.  A notice has been taped to the rolled down gate and a big  bouquet of flowers has been placed right in front of of the store. Many may remember Guiseppe.  For years, he was busy in the store making fresh pasta and mozzarella alongside his wife. Later, his two sons joined the business.

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