Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dosa Royale: Brooklyn Paper Review

THE BEST THING WE ATE THIS WEEK: Dosa, so good: New eatery brings South Indian cuisine to Brooklyn
Mrs. Firstandcourt has been eager to try the new-ish Dosa Royale on Court Street out.  It sounds delicious. Have you been?
For value and variety, however, it is hard to go past the namesake dosa royale ($18) — a monster version of the dish designed to serve two people, and stuffed with all three fillings. A whopping two and a half feet in length, it almost looks comical on the 40-seat restaurant's cosy two-top tables, but it is quickly demolished as diners tear off hunks with their hands, dipping them into the accompanying chutneys and soup-like sambar. South Indian food — which tends more towards lighter, spicier dishes than its northern counterpart, reflecting the region's tropical climate with ingredients such as coconut and tamarind — is a rarity in Brooklyn, and word about this welcome reprieve from the cream- and oil-heavy curries that dominate the rest of the borough seems to be spreading fast.
Not usually hungry for Indian before 9:00am, but . . . 

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