Tuesday, March 18, 2014

76th Precinct Stepping Up Traffic Enforcement

With eyes on Vision Zero, Traffic Enforcement Rises in the 76th
Steps in the right direction.  There is certainly more to be done; I've seen plenty of obnoxious driving (speeding, weaving, blown stop lights, etc.) on Court Street and other local roads.  And of course there is the ongoing nuisance condition of the Court-Atlantic intersection, particularly Trader Joe's related parking and delivery issues.
With dangerous corridors like Atlantic Avenue in our neighborhood, the Cobble Hill Association is well aware that its residents frequently have pedestrian safety issues in mind. We are glad to see a renewed focus on safety by many agencies under Vision Zero and want to thank our own officers in the 76th precinct who have increased enforcement by 186%.  As mapped by WNYC, in February of 2013, they distributed a combined 22 tickets for speeding, failure to yield to pedestrians and failure to stop at traffic signal. This year that total went up to 63 tickets.
The 78th has been getting some great press for the solid work.  I hope to see more like this from the 76th.

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