Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Microbead" Ban In The Works For NY

New York Might Be First State To Ban Facial Scrub Microbeads
A good move.  There is apparently no end to what crap a company will market until the government steps in.  Of course, the Cato Institute will be outraged at this curtailment of our freedom to have all of our water bodies polluted with tiny bits of plastic.
New York State is poised to be the first in the country to ban microbeads, those tiny plastic pebbles found in facial scrubs, balms, and gels, that contaminate our water supply and end up in the Great Lakes. Every time we wash these products down the drain, we're committing the environmental equivalent of spilling BBs on Mother Nature's carpet. The orbs—which have replaced nut particles and sea salts as a cheaper type of abrasive—slip through sewage treatment plants and into our water supply and ecosystems.
I am genuinely surprised that none of our benevolent corporate conglomerates has tried to pitch Soylent Green yet. 

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