Tuesday, February 11, 2014

LICH Contempt Hearing Postponed To Thursday

SUNY - LICH Contempt Hearing Put Off Until Thursday; Developer Must Be Wondering 'What Happened to My Deal?'
mcBrooklyn editorializes on LICH proceedings:
"Though it's likely that one or two members of the board may claim they had no idea what the hell Dr. Williams was doing down in the wilds of Brooklyn, the board bears the ultimate responsibility: They hired him, they paid for all the lawyers and all the security guards, they approved the wildly illegitimate RFP (Request for Proposals) crafted for developers, they even sat through Friday's developer presentation as if it was legitimate. Besides fines, jail time, etc., the trustees should have to make up the more-than $200 million dollars in paying customers SUNY turned away this year. Whose bright idea was it to turn away all the patients, stop billing, fire the doctors and lock the doors to prevent LICH from making money -- even as Justice Baynes was calmly saying over and over, "You can't do that." The only reason it makes sense to turn away LICH customers and lose millions for SUNY is if a deal was made in advance with a developer to turn the property over empty."

A good question.

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