Friday, February 28, 2014

Apple to NCPPR: Get Lost

Amy Moritz Ridenour: The Bill Donohue of the 0.1%
You might remember the National Center for Public Policy Research as the sleazy, amoral astroturf organization that gladly sold it's deceptively ambiguous name to Jack Abramoff.  NCPPR is essentially a husband and wife team of soulless grifting shills who advance the causes or their right-wing funders (e.g. Olin, Scaife, ExxonMobil).

Anyway, when they brought their sideshow routine to Apple's annual meeting, Tim Cook gave them the only response they deserved:
"When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind," he said, "I don't consider the bloody ROI." He said that the same thing about environmental issues, worker safety, and other areas where Apple is a leader.
As evidenced by the use of "bloody" in his response—the closest thing to public profanity I've ever seen from Mr. Cook–it was clear that he was quite angry. His body English changed, his face contracted, and he spoke in rapid fire sentences compared to the usual metered and controlled way he speaks.
He didn't stop there, however, as he looked directly at the NCPPR representative and said, "If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock."
Bravo, Mr. Cook.

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