Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2012 Profile of David Wildstein

Methinks the governor protests too much trying to distance himself from the guy he clearly knew pretty well and trusted to be his knife man at the Port Authority.

The Port Authority, criticized as wasteful and dysfunctional, is the largest and most complex agency yet to be singled out by Christie as being in need of reform. And in Wildstein, an experienced political strategist who went to high school with the governor, the Christie administration may have found the perfect instrument to help shake things up, some say. 
Longtime employees, however, privately describe a man intent on carrying out a political agenda rather than one built on reform or improving the region’s transportation system. They believe the appointment of Wildstein and dozens of others recommended by the governor — for jobs ranging from toll collector to deputy executive director — are evidence that political loyalty trumps merit. 
To Christie, though, they are needed to bring about change. And Wildstein figures prominently in that effort.  “He is there in that job because he is well suited to the task of playing a role in reforming the Port Authority in accordance with the governor’s goals,” said Christie’s spokes­man, Michael Drewniak.
Thank god this ham-fisted scumbag exposed Christie's true colors to a wider audience before he oozed into a position of even greater power.

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