Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Is Coming; The F Train, Maybe

The Snow Has Started and It Won't Stop Until You're Miserable
Image via Rampaged Reality
Ned Stark was right!  Note also, residual delays on the F/G lines due to an earlier signal problem at Jay Street, so plan accordingly.
As promised, white flakes have begun to fall in New York City, and it's expected to continue till the sun comes up on Wednesday. Sure, it looks pretty now, but: "As you go into the darkness, it's just going to get worse and worse," says a National Weather Service meteorologist. In all, the city can expect eight to fourteen inches — up from yesterday's estimates and the largest piles of this polar-vortex-y winter so far. City schools are open today, the subways are running, and alternate-side parking is suspended. We'll see about tomorrow. New Jersey and Long Island are expected to get the worst of it, with D.C. and Philadelphia not spared.

The inch count keeps climbing.  Yesterday morning some sources still said 1-3", now it's 8-14".  

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