Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Ignorance Is All Yours, Meghan

Anguish and Pain
That's what you get from watching Fox News, after all.  Advice to the Governor, move to the left and stop trying to placate the NY Post crowd.
As a New Yorker, let me assure Meghan that we'll be happy to have her here as long as she pays taxes on her trust fund disbursements. But, as a New York resident, Meghan would do well to remember the crushing defeat of Teanderthal / Horse Porn Enthusiast Carl Paladino, who espoused the far-right beliefs Governor Cuomo was referencing. His 37% showing in that race was what New Yorkers thought of Carl's politics. If Meghan would stop getting her news from Sean Hannity, she might understand that 63% of her fellow residents don't like Carl's flavor of conservatism, and her party will be beat like a rented mule in every statewide race until they shitcan their bigotry, sexism and stupidity.
The descriptor "Teanderthal" for Carl Paladino is a stroke of genius.

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