Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Libertarian Charlatans - Rand Paul Edition

You'll take away my tranfats when you dig them out of my cold, clogged arteries
Rand Paul is nothing but a corporate huckster.  Caveat emptor, voters.
"Apparently he thinks you can't make doughnuts without trans fats. I think that's going to come as a surprise to Krispy Kreme. Or anyone who's ever eaten real doughnuts made with real ingredients. He's all upset about the nanny state in this piece, but keep in mind who he sees as the truly aggrieved party: the major food industry manufacturers who want to keep poisoning people with cheap, chemical ingredients that are killing them. In fact, Paul would defend their right to put arsenic in the food supply on exactly the same basis that he defends the right to put trans fats in the doughnuts. Libertarian economics can be summed up in one phrase: Caveat emptor, suckers"

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