Friday, November 8, 2013

End The Filibuster

What's at Stake in Senate Nuclear Showdown
The history of the filibuster is a history of disgraceful abuse.  End it now and let the chips fall where they may.
"Senate Republicans have at times offered the rationale that they oppose nominations because they deem the current judges on the court underworked. Democrats dispute that factually, and in any case, it's laughable on its face. Republicans urgently favored filling every vacancy when their party held the presidency. Even if it were somehow true that the necessary number of judges to handle the court's work had declined since George W. Bush left office, nobody actually believes that keeping judges busy ought to be the first-order principle of the nominations fight. The first-order principle has always been that presidents get the ability to choose at least somewhat ideologically congenial nominees to federal judgeships. Earlier this year, in the face of similar (and similarly unusual) blockade tactics against executive branch appointments, Democrats threatened to abolish the filibuster, and Republicans temporarily lifted the blockade."
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