Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sprinting Robot Killing Machine Will Make You Shriek With Terror

This Free-Running War Robot Is Not Designed to Harm Humans Yet
What could possibly go wrong?  I can't believe the article has no reference to Red Planet. This robot is disturbingly similar to AMEE
"There is no need to speculate about the WildCat's performance if a smaller and lighter motor were to be developed. Humans would only provide it with a smaller and lighter motor if they had a desire to do so. If humans deemed it necessary, for a successor to the WildCat to serve humans' defense purposes, they could also provide it with: • autonomous onboard controls • self-refueling capability • visual processing equipment and facial-recognition software • suitable armor and armaments. But such modifications or enhancements would only occur at the discretion of human designers. The Machines would not presume to offer a specific agenda for human defense. The Machines simply stand ready to meet human needs."
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