Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NSA Sophistry

NSA Non-Denial Denial 241,352,052
So their angle is this: anything they collect outside of the geographic boundaries of the US is "foreign".  That, to me, is not a "good faith" extension f the meaning.  If I were a FISA judge I would sanction the %$#@ out of their lawyers.

It's bullshit, it's indefensible, and it's illegal. Surprise!
"Which brings us to the familiar refrain, in which collection the NSA admits includes US person collection is redefined as "foreign" which makes all us white people okay with it unless we're hackers or some other enemies within. NSA is a foreign intelligence agency. And we're focused on discovering and developing intelligence about valid foreign intelligence targets only. Of course, this refrain doesn't work anymore, given that we know that discovering and developing intelligence about foreign intelligence also involves collecting the phone records of each and every one of us. But I guess it's stuck in NSA's boilerplate until it becomes embarrassingly obvious to all that "foreign" no longer necessarily has much to do with "other countries.""
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