Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flying Gets A Little Less Intolerable

FAA Allows Portable Electronic Devices to Be Used During Entire Flight
But only a little.  Wake me up when I can bring a damn bottle of water and a yogurt in my carry-on and retain a modicum of dignity during the pointless, wasteful theater that passes for security screening.
The Federal Aviation Administration today made historic changes to its longstanding Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) policy, officially allowing airlines to grant passengers permission to use PEDs "during all phases of flight." In its official press release, the FAA said implementation of the new policy among airlines will take time as carriers must prove that their fleets can handle the usage of multiple PEDs gate-to-gate, but the agency expects that by the end of this year, passengers will "be able to read e-books, play games, and watch videos on their devices during all phases of flight, with very limited exceptions."

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