Thursday, September 5, 2013

John Kerry Bald-faced Lying To Congress

John Kerry's Lie: 'The President Is Not Asking You to Go to War' - Atlantic Mobile
Usually not a fan of Conor Friedersdorf, but this piece is spot on:
Trying to fool Americans into thinking you're not trying to take the country to war when you plainly are is among the more disgraceful things a secretary of state can do, and Kerry is discrediting himself by doing so. And it's telling that he initially declined to commit the Obama Administration to never putting any boots on the ground, saying it could conceivably come to that if Syria descended into chaos and the U.S. had to secure its stocks of chemical weapons. Make no mistake: What's being decided is whether America will be at war in Syria. Whatever you think ought to be done, that is the question now before Congress. And the fact that the Obama Administration won't acknowledge the truth is telling. 

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