Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beware the War Propagandists

Joby Warrick Is the New Judy Miller
WaPo has Joby Warrick. Michael Gordon is one to watch out for at the NYT.  Ever happy to uncritically use their paper as a loudspeaker for the latest pro-war propaganda.  Judy Miller may have been kicked to the curb, but there are Judy Millers at every major newspaper, magazine and cable channel.
"There are indeed a number of fronts on which Syria is to be faulted for its atrocious behavior, but the current rage being displayed in the press is failing miserably at providing any perspective on where Syria fits on the global scale of bad actors. But alas, Warrick will labor on with his transcription of accusations against Syria despite the US concluding that offensive bioweapons work there stopped thirty years ago. After all, he continues to push the story that Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon despite a national intelligence estimate (pdf) that stated conclusively that Iran stopped its nuclear weapon program in 2003."
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