Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jeffrey Toobin's Toadying Subservience to Power

Jeffrey Toobin Thinks David Miranda Is Like a 'Drug Mule'

Especially galling since Toobin's entire career was based on betraying the confidences placed in him when he was a court clerk.  Modern access "journalists" like Toobin, David Gregory, Bob Woodward and Andrew Ross Sorkin, to name a few, don't in any sense serve to inform the public. They serve as mouthpieces to glorify and speak on behalf of the privileged millionaire class they socialize and identify with.  

New Yorker staff writer and CNN legal pundit Jeffrey Toobin has not been shy about his distaste for the actions of NSA leaker/"grandiose narcissist" Edward Snowden, and that goes for Snowden's associa…

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