Friday, March 22, 2013

Thanks to Marty Golden, Life-Saving Speed Cameras Not in State Budget

I'm having a party down at the yacht club on Saturday.  How would you like to mow my lawn?
Somebody needs to knock Marty out of the Senate.  I was hoping Andrew Gounardes could pull it off last year, but no luck.  Golden's latest antics:
Said Golden to the Daily News: "What we need are the actual police officers on the street. Cops on the street are what slows people down."
In reality, traffic cameras are highly effective at reducing speeding, red light-running, and crashes. In D.C., speed cameras led to an 82 percent reduction in drivers exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph or more, according to Richard Retting, the director of safety and research at Sam Schwartz Engineering.
Regardless, as one of three Republicans in the Senate who represent the city, Golden has the power to head off whatever NYC-related legislation he doesn't like, for whatever reason.

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