Saturday, March 16, 2013

BigBelly Solar-Powered Recycling Bins Headed To Times Square: Gothamist

Baby steps. But steps in the right direction.
The Times Square Alliance received a $250,000 grant from the Alcoa
Foundation to buy the BigBellies. Times Square Alliance President Tim
Tompkins said, "Sometimes in Times Square, we nurture habits that are,
shall we say, a bit less wholesome. Today it's all about helping a
habit that helps the planet—recycling."
Mayor Bloomberg had previously announced that he wanted to double the
NYC recycling rate to 30% and today he reiterated, "By year's end, our
Administration will put 1,000 new recycling containers on streets in
all five boroughs. Making recycling easier for New Yorkers will build
on our work to make our entire system of solid waste management less
polluting, more energy-efficient, and more sustainable, both
economically and environmentally."
Not important in the great scheme of things, but the graphics on these cans are pretty awful.

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