Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MTA Makes MetroCard Refills Easier

Most of the media coverage of this has been a hamfisted mess.  This is the important part:

A MetroCard that holds both dollar value and unlimited ride time will use the unlimited time first. The dollar balance remains on the card to be available again once the unlimited time on that card expires. Also, each MetroCard can hold one additional refill of unlimited ride time that will take effect once the first unlimited period expires.

The new card provides the added flexibility for customers who now only need one MetroCard throughout the region. If you have an active Unlimited Ride pass with dollar value added to it and want to use an express bus, the PATH system or AirTrain, the value on the card will be available to pay for your additional fare.

Got that?  If you have an Unlimited Ride card, you can add cash to the same card for use with the PATH and Airtrain.  It's a relatively minor improvement, but it is an improvement. 

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