Monday, February 25, 2013

More On The Death Of Clinton Street Resident Elizabeth Borst

The Brooklyn Paper interviewed the victim's husband, Gaetano Lisco:
Lisco, 55, claims he last spoke to Borst when he called her at about 4 pm on Friday, and grew frantic when she didn’t pick up multiple times later that night.

Concerned about her well-being, Lisco says he called in a favor from a Court Street deli clerk named Valentino, who found Borst’s body on the kitchen floor next to a shattered bottle of vodka at around 10:30 pm.

“He was very scared. There was blood everywhere,” said a trembling Lisco, who claims he regularly left the front door of the home near Sackett Street unlocked so neighbors and Valentino could check on his wife at his request. “She was most likely lying there in a coma for five hours and lost a lot of blood.”
The case is still under investigation to determine whether this was a tragic accident, or a homicide.


Anonymous said...

I hope the police are taking a good long in depth look at her husband.

Anonymous said...

Jim Fisher True Crime: Gaetano Lisco and the Suspicious ... days ago – In 2013, Gaetano Lisco, an Italian-born actor who came to New York City in the 1990s, ...

Interview him on her words to Sharon Byrn and then write on her batter life that lead to her death: Elizabeth Borst to Sharon Byrn

October 7th 2012

Oh Sharon, I'am so down and demoralized. Gaetano attacked me when he came home Friday night.

I had such a good day and finally got out for a nice meal with my friend.

My hairdresser gave me a shot of tequila and it made me feel so calm and warm inside.

I bought a good bottle on sale at the store.

I thought I would save money on wine because it only takes a little bit to feel good.

Gaetano came home and saw it on the counter and threw a fit and took it away and hid it.

I tolled him to put it the fuck back.

He pour the whole bottle down the sink then he came after me and grabbed my hair and I screamed.

No not the hair.

Then he started punching me in the face brutally, and I could not escape.

My eye is all black and blue, and some hair came out if the brush from his pulling it.

He broke a crown.

That's another $1,800.00.

He was absolutely vicious and out of control.

When he saw what he done, he was full of sorry and I love you's, but that's the cycle of abuse.

I could not call the police on him and have him sent to jail because we depend on his salary.

He said what are you going to do when I'm in jail, and I said kill myself.

I was so traumatized.

He said what's going to become of the cats, which we both love dearly.

I'm insisting he go to anger management with the other criminals.

I just feel so depressed.

I was really taking care of my looks and now I look so ULGY and miserable and will not go out for weeks.

I'am on blood thinners and bruse very badly.

I took the empty heavy bottle out of the garbage and tried to hit him over the head with it when he was in bed, but his his reflexes were too quick.

Just as well, because at that moment, I could have killed him.

He called me from work last night and tolled me he felt so terrible, he could hardly work and had no self esteem.

I was so upset, I did not eat all day, until he came home and heated up a can of chicken noodle soup.

It was rainy and chilly today and I took a Xanax nap.

When I'm this upset, I can't sleep without Xanax and I was down and exhausted.

Sorry to burden you with this, but I'm feeling so low.