Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mayoral Candidate Transit Forum Nugget

The NYT posted a thin article on last night's mayoral candidate
transit forum. Not a lot of news in the article. However, Capital
New York's @danarubinstein tweeted a piece of welcome news (above).

Long term (and even new) readers may know that I've been a supporter
of the Cross Harbor Rail Tunnel for almost ten years. I learned about
the tunnel when I was working on a Clean Water Act case at the Rutgers
Environmental Law Clinic as a law student. Ten years. I'm getting

In any event, it was Mayor Bloomberg who planted the knife in The
Cross Harbor Freight Tunnel in 2005. We could use a Mayor who sees getting
trucks off our roads as a priority. Kudos to deBlasio for supporting

Updated:  Gothamist now has a post up with photos, links, and more coverage.

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