Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bloomberg's State of the City Address

Politicker focuses on easing the draconian treatment of people caught with marijuana, which, great, but … why did it take 12 years?  What a colossal waste of money and policing resources and disaster for people processed through the system. 

Interesting to me was the long overdue new recycling facility that will open nearby on Brooklyn's industrial waterfront this spring.  No longer will I have to remove all manner of plastics from my neighbors' recycling because they mean well, but NYC doesn't recycle well:

""We'll also take major new steps toward another important sustainability goal that we've set: Doubling the city's recycling rate to 30 percent by 2017. Under Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty's leadership, we've created a comprehensive plan to achieve that goal. It starts with making recycling easier for everyone – by putting 1,000 new recycling containers on streets in all five boroughs this year. We'll also make it possible to recycle more plastics.

"As part of our solid waste management plan, a private company – SIMS – will open the largest household recycling plant in North America on the Sunset Park waterfront. The facility is raised four feet above grade – and came through Sandy just fine. When it opens this spring, it will accept all kinds of plastics – from salad containers to CD cases. It will create up to 100 jobs and have a state of the art education center to teach children about recycling. In addition, the plant will be powered by one of the largest solar installations in our city – and the largest wind turbine to operate here since the Dutch built windmills in New Amsterdam. The CEO of the SIMS recycling center, Bob Kellman, is in the audience today, and I want to thank him for helping us build a greener future."

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