Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Third Ave.'s revival in Brooklyn gets worrisome | Crain's New York Business

Interesting stuff. Friends of Community Board 6, the non-profit adjunct to Brooklyn CB6 is managing a $300,000 Brownfield Opportunity Area grant to study current and future land use in the more industrialized portions of the Gowanus. 

I imagine as the Superfund remedy takes final shape we'll return to the discussion of zoning around the canal that was suspended a few years ago. 

From Crain's:
"The northernmost section of Third Avenue—just upland from the Gowanus Canal, along a line believed to follow a Dutch-era wagon trail—is experiencing a boom that has many longtime residents flabbergasted and anxious.

For years, the roughly 15-block stretch from the Prospect Expressway up to Union Street was best known for its industrial vibe, not to mention its regular sewage overflow problems and a constant parade of prostitutes. While Park Slope to the east and Carroll Gardens to the west already had seen their transformations, Gowanus' main drag was always thought to be impervious to such changes."

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