Monday, January 28, 2013

Fare Hike ’13: Sunset dates, $1 surcharge details unveiled « Second Ave. Sagas

Looks like I'm relying heavily on Ben's work today:

"To recap, the not-so-fun stuff first: With this fare hike, the base
fare will jump to $2.50 with a pay-per-ride discount of just 5 percent
on all purchases at or above $5. The 7-day unlimited will cost $30,
and the 30-day unlimited will set back regular riders by $112. An
express bus ride checks in at $6, and the single-ride cards available
only through vending machines will clock in at $2.75."

Also there is rumbling about a new contactless payment system to
replace the obsolete Metrocard. But implementation is still a couple
of years off. Lets hope it's a good system, and not a crony-enriching
boondoggle of the CityTime variety.

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