Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who wants to take over for Bloomberg on transportation? | Capital New York

Great public transit is one of the great equalizing/democratizing
features of our city.

Democratic candidates for citywide office should be embracing policy
that strengthens and extends the system, as well as keeps it

I am baffled that the Democratic field in this and the last citywide
election have failed to make transit, which has profound impacts daily
on the lives of every New Yorker whether they use it directly or not.

That the transit and livable streets policies were essentially ceded
to Bloomberg in the last election was not just bad policy but also
terrible politics.

We can't allow that again. And while we're on topic, Janette
Sadik-Khan's DOT has been the brightest spot of Bloomberg's
overextended tenure. She deserves to keep the job no matter who wins.

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